My Weekly Reader Surprise, 19 September 1980

Weekly Reader Surprise Vol 23 Issue 2 September 19, 1980

Page 1. Language Development: Learning to tell a two-part story in sequence. Content Development: Social Studies–– The importance of helpfulness and cooperation. (Top Left)

Page 2. “Our Big World.” Nip Asks: What other fruits grow on trees? Understandings: Some fruits grow on trees. Apple crops are picked and sold at this time of the year. Counting exercise.

Page 3. “Our Puzzle Page.” Listening To Follow Directions: Help children to note the details in the pictures, and find and mark various items you specify. (Choose the mark you prefer –– circle, X, or line.) Items to mark are the truck, the flag, the stoplight, the airplane, the police officer, the child riding a bike, and the lady walking a dog. For A Challenge: Ask advanced students to count the number of people, the number of clouds, and the number of vehicles in the picture.

Page 4. “Our Science World.” Leaves Fall. Concept: Seasonal changes affect some trees. Some trees lose their leaves in fall.

Coming Next Issue: A New Furry Friend; Voting

N.B. Sadly, Weekly Reader was discontinued in 2012 after being acquired by Scholastic, Inc. Happily, most of the Amos staff had no difficulties with any of these pages.


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