My Weekly Reader Surprise 26 September 1980

Volume 23 Issue 3, September 26, 1980

Page One: Language Development: Learning to use action words to tell a story. Content Development: Science –– Animals prepare for winter. Social Studies –– The voting process.

Page Two: Our Science World. Living and Nonliving Things. Concept: All things are living or nonliving. Five properties distinguish the living from the nonliving.

Page Three: Our Puzzle Page. Association of Ideas–– Classification: Have children point to the first row of pictures and identify each picture (rabbit, owl, leaf, lion.) Ask children to mark each picture of an animal. Follow the same procedure with the other rows. Objects to mark are: row 2 –clothing; row 3– food; row 4 – toys; row 5 – vehicles (things people ride in or on.) For Individual Challenge – Let advanced students do the exercise independently. Then ask these youngsters to find more specific items within a category: for example, in the category of animals ask children to circle the animal that has feathers.

Coming Next Issue: Fire Fighters; Chimney Sweeps

Page Four: Our Big World. Who will be president? Understanding: In November U.S. citizens will vote for the man they want to be President. Weekly Reader wants to know who children think should be President.


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