My Weekly Reader Surprise, 3 October 1980

October 3, 1980, Vol. 23 Issue 4

Page 1: Language Development: Learning to use descriptive words when telling a story. Content Development: Social Studies–– What Fire Fighters Do.

Page 2: Our Big World. Meeting Fire Fighters. Nip Asks: What do fire fighters wear? Understanding: Fire Prevention Week is October 5-11. During this week many fire fighters demonstrate fire-safety equipment and procedures to young children.

Page 3: Our Safety World. Keep Chimneys Clean. Concept: Chimney fires can be prevented by keeping flues clean. Thousands of chimney fires occur in the U.S. each year and cause millions of dollars in damages.

Page 4: Our Puzzle Page. Association of Ideas— Size Relationships. Have children look at the first row of pictures, make an X on the tallest fire fighter and circle the shortest fire fighter. Continue this procedure with the rest of the puzzle. Continue this procedure with the rest of the puzzle. Items to mark (X and circle) are: row 2 — biggest and smallest hats; row 3 — biggest and smallest dog; row 4 — tallest and shortest ladder; row 5 — longest and shortest fire engine. See Teacher’s Edition for more activities.


Notes: In 2022, Fire Prevention Week is October 9-15. Don’t forget to celebrate. You can read some Facts About Chimney Fires here. The Puzzle Page may include some hints as to the largest and smallest items. But fun can still be had by challenging yourself to find the middle-sized object. Good luck!


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