My Weekly Reader Surprise, 10 October 1980

Volume 23 Issue 5, October 10, 1980

Page 1: Language Development: Learning to participate in group discussions –– Discussing important health habits. Content Development: Health –– Importance of exercise.

Page 2: Our Big World: Skeletons! Understanding: A skeleton is a body framework formed by bones. (These skeletons show the bones of Zip and his friends as they appear on page 1. Have children hold this page up to the light so they can see the skeleton of each animal.) Nip Asks: What kind of bones have you seen?

Page 3: Our Science World: Laugh for Health. Concept: Doctors’ studies have proven that laughing is good for your health.

Page 4: Our Puzzle Page. Association of Ideas: Part-Whole Relationships. Have children find and mark the picture in the small box in the first row (lamp). Then ask youngsters to look at the other three drawings in that row, find and mark the item that is part of the lamp (lightbulb). Follow the same procedure for the other rows. Whole part objects to mark are: row 2 –– bird/feather; row 3–– coat/buttons; row 4–– telephone/receiver (an archaic version thereof which today’s young ones may struggle with); row 5–– bicycle/wheel. For a Challenge: Ask advanced pupils to name or draw parts of other whole objects on the page, for example, string/kite, shoelace/shoe, leaf/tree.



“Stress relief from laughter? It’s no joke.” (The Mayo Clinic)

“Study: Forcing a Smile Genuinely Decreases Stress.” (The Atlantic)


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