Nine Most Wanted: Candy Edition

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1. Coffee Nips. Originally made by Pearson, then by Ferrara. Now, Brach’s. We love these damn creamy hard coffee candies no matter who makes them.

2. Fun Dip + Lik-Em-Stiks. Once upon a time there was a petition to make the sticks available on their own. We would have signed it but the petition expired. Nevertheless, we are pro-stick. Forever. The Dip-Em part is okay, too. (Shall we start a new petition? Let us know. We kinda wanna.)

3. Crème Savers! (Not made by Life Savers anymore, but…) Orange, strawberry— still available (sadly, no more raspberry). We’re just glad *they live.*

4. Perugina Glacia Mints. These damn things. The most refreshing mints since eating newly fallen snow. So Good.

5. Adams Clove Gum: Available with a tin! Honorable mention to both Beeman’s and Teaberry. Fabulous old school gum (does lose flavor too quickly but not as fast as, say, Fruit Stripe or Juicy Fruit or Dubble Bubble).

6. Astro Pop! Still available, dammit. It’s shaped like a rocket but tastes a lot better. And, bonus, it fits in your mouth hole.

7. Nameless Strawberry Bon-bons. We first fell in love with these because of Hickory Farms but nowadays, you can get these awesome little berry powerhouses anywhere, from dollar stores to Walmart to, well, like, anywhere. Melty center. Strawberry. Crunchy outside. We’re not sure why these things have a reputation as “old person candy.” We think they’re great for anyone.

8. Continuing with the “Found it at Hickory Farms,” these old-school pastel mints with non-pareils are the perfect combo of melty soft and crunchy, with a magnificent minty-but-not-too flavor. And the colors? Christmas all the time. Who doesn’t like a Meltaway Mint?

9. Warheads Sour Candy. Invented in Taiwan, 1975, this sour candy became popular in the US in 1993. Still popular now, because some people love to pucker. It’s currently manufactured by Impact Confections.

What’s your favorite candy, retro or now?

What candy should we have had in the top 9?

Let us know.

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