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Brian Blunt, Who’s Yer ‘Coustic band and Waste of Kokomo podcast

Brian Blunt is a singer/songwriter from Kokomo, Indiana. Brian and his wife, Chiquita, began their band, Who’s Yer Coustic in 2011. They play live gigs as well as releasing singles. Brian also performs as a solo act. His favorite works include his songs “Battles,” “Come On, Daylight,” and the song he wrote for Chiquita to perform titled “Talkin’”

In 2018, Brian joined comedians Jimmy Shaw and Leonard Pigg in their podcast, Waste of Kokomo. You can also catch Brian at occasional comedy open mic nights where he brandishes his true-life trailer park humor.

Brian is father to four grown men, grandfather to 11, and great-grandfather to one. He and Chiquita continue to celebrate the lives of and mourn the loss of their two daughters, one to miscarriage and the other to a boating accident.

Todd Clevenger, Clevenger Design

Todd Clevenger, Clevenger Design:

Full bio and About. See here.

For portfolio and Clevenger Design, go here.

See random thoughts and photographs in Other Things.

Check out hosting schedule for Live Trivia here.

Clevenger Design is on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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Ed Faunce

Ed Faunce has been an actor and performer since he was five years old and sang for his mother’s dinner guests, accompanied by her on piano. Starting with musical reviews in middle school, Ed progressed to theatre and radio in his teen years. Going into his sixth decade, Ed has continued to entertain and educate audiences in regional theatre, commercials, international film and television with his performance, writing and producing. Ed has been involved in educational media projects that have spanned the globe and in 2013 had one of his co-produced productions showcased by the prestigious Chicago Children’s International Film Festival.

A 2012 graduate of Ball State University’s Masters in Digital Storytelling Program, Ed is now working on feature film media projects, plus teaching performance analysis and public speaking at Indiana University. His projects include augmented reality entertainment media and creating unique stories for cinema adaptation. (Twitter, Instagram, Amazon, Backstage, Website)

Ojijaak is the pseudonym for a writer and photographer whose work can also be seen at

Leonard Pigg

Leonard Pigg is an actor and has been participating in theater since he was a child. With a B.A. in Communications and Spanish Minor from Marian College, he put his quick wit to use as a member of Nietzsche’s Trailer Park sketch comedy group and performed at Theater on the Square. He has been in a few indie films including The Chrome Lady, Iceberg Theory, Mental Scars and Hungry Eyes.

For a time, he was on the poetry slam scene in Indianapolis and performed around the Midwest as a stand-up comedian. For four years, he hosted a podcast called “Pigg’s Pen” broadcast on Radio Free Kokomo from Indiana University. He is also a writer in his spare time and has written for and is the co-writer for The Six Emperors comic book for Sexy Beard Club Press. He currently hosts and helps produce the Waste of Kokomo podcast.

Michelle Railey is the editor, publisher, chief executive, and content developer for and a contributor to She is a ghostwriter, writer, designer, and social media manager when she is not working on Amos or at her day job at Dance Sophisticates. While she does have a secret and most mysterious past in the performing arts, currently she has insomnia, writer’s block, two cats, a passion for politics, history, and coffee; a BFA in the super-useful field of Art History and a really decent husband. Ms. Railey is a firm believer in footnotes, the Oxford comma, and uncertainty. (Twitter, Facebook)

Cortni Richardson

Cortni Richardson is just a typical early-thirties lady. She is a mother of three and a full-time employee at FCA, as well as a host and contributor of the Waste of Kokomo podcast. Cortni is a self-proclaimed “expert” at everything she tries. She’s been an atheistic reverend for seven years. In 2019, she co-founded the Kokomo-based paranormal group, Indiana Division Ghost Facers. Her comedic background only stems form her extensive time posting on Facebook and poorly photoshopping odd images for other people’s amusement. Cortni is on Twitter and Instagram.

Jimmy Shaw

Jimmy Shaw is a comedian, Army veteran, and blue-collar guy.

Growing up in Kokomo, Indiana, Jimmy was always the class clown and all he ever wanted to do was make love and make people laugh. So, once he loses his ability to get an erection, well, he’s got nothing.

Self-described as the Mario Mendoza of comedy, Jimmy was influenced by the one-liner guys like Steven Wright and Mitch Hedburg. Jimmy wrote tweets for years before ever getting behind a mic with some thinking-man comedy and now has opened for national touring comedians including Donnie Baker, Greg Hahn, and Todd McComas. He is currently a host of the Waste of Kokomo podcast.

Jimmy is the UAW Local 685 Veteran’s Chairman and is very active helping veterans with events like the 0.5k Underachiever’s Run, annual golf outing, and Motorcycle Poker Run.

If you haven’t noticed, Jimmy and Roadkill the Clown have never been seen in the same room together.

You can find Jimmy Shaw and Roadkill the Clown on Facebook (Jimmy here and Roadkill here), Twitter, and Instagram. For inquiries, please email

The Waste of Kokomo podcast is by Brian Blunt, Sean Delrymple, Leonard Pigg, Cortni Richardson, and Jimmy Shaw. It specializes in fun and informative shows that feature a variety of topics. The podcast is proud to support its community of Kokomo, Indiana and its veterans while having a laugh, playing some live music, and/or generally cutting up. Fun fact: The title of the show is a riff on the popular local event called “Taste of Kokomo.” You can find Waste of Kokomo on Facebook.

Our Guests:  Ryan Ahearn, Jon Handy, Nate Johnson, Pat Miller, Matt Rivera and Box 5 podcsast, and Nathan C. Vance.

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