Gelato. Ice Cream. And Love. For Sweetest Day & Other Days

By Michelle Railey

Happy Sweetest Day.

Sure, the holiday first appeared in 1921, a creation of Cleveland chocolatiers. And, okay, maybe Wikipedia says that it is only celebrated in eleven states “plus Texas.”

Still: a holiday built on love and sugar? Well, Valentine’s Day is only once annually; it seems to me that odes to love and odes to sugar can be built into every day into more than one day a year.

Our hearts (and palates) are large enough for that. Surely?

So, here. In celebration of Sweetest Day, or Valentine’s or any day that ends in “y,” are these things: gratuitous gelato photographs. (When in Las Vegas, take an extraordinary number of gelato photographs. Because gelato is pretty. And, as Dostoevsky said, “beauty will save the world.” By “beauty,” he meant “gelato.” Trust me.)

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